PVC Roofing

Roofing membrane that is long lasting, heat reflective and low maintenance


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is hands down the best low slope and flat roofing material on the market today for residential roofing.

Engineered to be flexible, strong and UV reflective, PVC roofing can easily last 20 years. The flexibility of PVC roofing makes it easier for roofers to install the product around roof penetrations like vents, chimneys, and skylights found on many homes around the Stateline area.

We employ experienced PVC crews that receive ongoing training in installation and product knowledge making Ideal Roofing Solutions the best choice for your PVC roofing contractor.

Naturally fire-resistant

Did you know that PVC roofing is naturally fire-resistant? PVC single-ply membrane roofing systems meet UL Class A fire rating. Scientific testing shows that this product produces minimal flame spread and is a great option on residential applications because it is much safer than other low slope options. Your homeowner’s insurance will love that!


Hot-air welded seams, like those of a PVC roof, are the strongest and most reliable seams in the roofing industry. Because PVC is a durable material it requires less maintenance saving you money from flat roof repairs often associated with lesser low slope roofing materials like torch down applications. PVC is engineered to be UV reflective and does not break down from exposure to UV light like other roofing material can.

Low maintenance

PVC does not require any roof coatings or other such flat roof repairs to maintain. Rather an annual cleaning to remove algae and other organic debris like leaves, needles and small branches is all that is required to keep your PVC roof looking and performing like new! 


What is PVC Roofing?

What is PVC Roofing?

PVC Roofing Membrane is an engineered, thermoplastic, reinforced roofing system for low slope applications. PVC is heat welded at the seams creating a watertight roofing system that can withstand extreme weather, temperature and most environmental pollutants. Because PVC is reinforced using a woven fiberglass backing, called the scrim, it is puncture-resistant, flexible and resists tearing, making it perfect for residential roofs.

How is PVC Roofing Installed?

What is PVC Roofing?

PVC comes in rolls that are installed in straight lines along the roof. Ideal Property Solutions mechanically fastens the PVC membrane to the roof then heat welds the seams together using hot air. This method of PVC roof installation creates a sleek appearance on any home. Once the seams have been welded the membrane is watertight and provides excellent protection against the Stateline weather conditions.

Isn’t PVC just for commercial buildings?

No! It is Residential to!

PVC is synonymous with commercial roofing because it’s a durable material for a flat roof that requires very little maintenance. PVC is  very flexible and easy to install requiring minimal labor. PVC is UV reflective and reduces heating & cooling costs, for large commercial buildings. All of these benefits are the  same reasons PVC roofing is  PERFECT  for low slope residential roofing!

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